After receiving compassionate care at a life-affirming pregnancy center, “Alice” chose LIFE for baby #3,385 — “Hudson.”

Pregnant and alone in a new state, Alice felt like she had nowhere to turn. So she searched online for options. She had no idea what she’d choose to do in the end; but through her connection with Human Coalition, she understood that she could visit a nearby life-affirming pregnancy center that didn’t offer abortions. She still made an appointment.

During her appointment, Alice realized that several of the female caregivers at the center had once been in her shoes and chose to abort their children. Years later, their decision still burdened them so heavily that they’d committed their lives to helping save other mothers from making the same mistake.

After being welcomed by the staff, seeing a sonogram of “Hudson” for the first time, and learning about all of her options, Alice realized there was no other choice for her but LIFE!

We are so grateful for the hard work of all the staff at our 30 participating Women’s Care Clinics, and for Alice’s decision to choose LIFE for her son.