“Kendra” chose life for “Lavon,” Human Coalition Baby #4,836, but not without a personal struggle. Tempted to take the “easy” way out, Kendra searched online for abortion information. Soon, she was connected with Human Coalition. After a quick phone conversation with a member of our staff, Kendra made an appointment with one of HC’s women’s care clinics. She shared that she’d considered keeping the baby but was now determined to abort. Now was not a good time to have a baby — she felt ill prepared in every way. But our staff didn’t give up hope. During her first and subsequent visits to the clinic, the staff poured love into Kendra, reassuring her that she was not only capable of being a mom, but she’d been chosen for her son Lavon. Eventually, Kendra realized they were right — now was her time, and Lavon was her son!